Fecund Tuesday

After experiencing such a stagnant and super boring yesterday, today am feeling happy for:

  1. The draft has already reached reviewers’ desks! Now waiting for their response.
  2. Very happy to get some strong words and advice from the professor. Apparently his critics and pressures that keep me going on, from the beginning, until reaching this point. They also keep my braincells alive and regenerates! 😉
  3. Read a very good paper about how to select cryptographic key size and add it as reference of the dissertation.
  4. Found a brief and clear article about Finite State Machine which is very useful for helping me generating ones for my multiplier design.
  5. Start writing a(nother) paper for the next journal publication.
  6. Have finished a task given by the department.
  7. Have some ideas in head to keep me away from boredom, and surely will keep the braincells productive during the incoming super long weekend 🙂

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